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General Information

1. Typically, when a new tenant moves into a Trenton State College Corporation (TSCC) home, problems exist or arise that were not evident at the pre-occupancy inspection.  Emergencies should be phoned into our office immediately.   Those items which do not require emergency attention should be provided to the TSCC office by phone, writing, fax, email, online maintenance request .  A representative from the TSCC will do an initial walk-through with each new tenant at which time any current property defects will be noted.  This enables the TSCC to have on record the property’s move-in condition and avoids any charges to the tenant upon move-out that were present upon move-in.

2. When reporting a maintenance problem that is an emergency, please do not wait!  Many times these problems worsen, causing further and extensive damage to the property or your belongings.

3. Maintenance items will be completed in priority order, as soon as possible.  Barring emergencies, the problem you report may not be resolved the day that you report it.  We will attempt to inform you of a timeframe with a follow-up phone call or message.

4. In many instances, maintenance repairs, such as plumbing, electrical and air conditioning problems are handled through outside contractors arranged by the Corporation.  Although repairs are scheduled for the earliest possible date, there may be cases involving a waiting period.  There are also rare times when contractors appear unannounced, without our knowledge.  We ask for your patience and understanding when, and if, such circumstances arise.