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Winter Checklist

To help prevent a tragic loss from happening to your residence and potentially interrupting your normal living conditions, we ask that you review and practice the following items:

1. Maintain heat in vacant areas or when turned down for vacations or time away from the residence.  Keep the thermostat adjusted to at least 65 degrees to help prevent “cold spots” farthest from the thermostat from dropping below 40 degrees.

2.  Make arrangements for a friend or family member to periodically check the residence while away.  The TSC Corporation Emergency Call List should be made available to them in case of emergencies.

3.  Do not use open-flame devices for heating; only use U.L.-listed equipment and maintain adequate clearances (18 inches or more) to combustible materials, etc.

4.  While away from the residence, turn the hot and cold water valves of the washing machine to the “off” position until you have returned.

5.  Double-check your renter’s insurance and contents protection.   The Corporation insurance will not cover any personal items or losses.

6.  Where applicable, be sure that all storm windows are in place.

7.   Turn the water valve to the outside hose connection to the “off” position.  Disconnect all hoses from the outdoor faucets.